Face Your Fears

Dale Carneigie, a famous writer and developer of courses in self-improvement and public speaking says,

“Inaction breeds courage and fear,

Action breeds courage and confidence,

Do not sit home and think about it,

Go out and get busy.”

We all come into this life with a positive view of the world. When we are born, we are excited, imaginative, and portray the entire universe as our playground. However, somewhere between college and middle-age many of us seem to loose that optimism of life.

Just remember the days, when we were kids? We found happiness in the simplest of activities such as blowing bubbles through a wand. Imitating the stunts and actions of our favourite superheros that we would grow up to become. Remember speaking the truth, without hesitation from our parents. Do we ever look back and wonder are we the same individual? Are we happy ? What happened to that selfless joy?

Reasons could be many. It maybe because everyone starts convincing us, to grow up and become more realistic. We have started to believe that we are not good enough to ever be the SUPERHERO, that we imitated once. And it could also be because, we are ragging ourselves trying to meet the demands of those around us. Whatever the cause, we have begun creating barriers and limiting ourselves that has caused us to either try, fail or completely give up! I believe the biggest cause for changing that youthful excitement can be summed up with one word “fear”. At some point we all become afraid and we let that “fear” stop us.


“Courage is not the absence of fear, But the mastery of it” – Victor Hugo

Taking experience from my life, when my father expired in 2010, everything came to a halt. The time was tough! My mother and me were all that were left in the family and have no one but ourselves to help or support. My mother and me both dumped our fears and supported each other. We both acquired interpersonal skills and gave our 100% or sometimes more than that towards achieving set goals and targets. With the grace of God and our collective hard work, we are doing great now.

We all fear death and I actually came out of it. The second incident, when an year ago I was admitted in ICU, affected by food poisoning. I was critical and was put on ventilator. With the prayers of my mother, I finally opened my eyes after 2 days, but I was still on life support system. Doctor said, ”If you want to get rid of the ventilator, you should try to breathe oxygen for half-n-hour without oxygen support.” With strong will power, I tried but it was tough, I struggled and while trying I was getting unconscious repeatedly. Looking at my mother crying beside me, I tried hard and finally won and fooled death.

Some of us live in constant fear, of accidents, or some people doing us harm mentally or physically. Majority of us, simply like things as they come to us, whether good or bad. Through my experiences of overcoming fear, I found a technique that’s much effective, “breaking down the solution and not the problem”. Whenever we are at big risk, we need a helping hand. Do seek a coach, speak to a friend or a mentor and arm yourself with positive and inspirational thoughts.

In case, we don’t find any mentor or support, we have to make our own way. Fight the battle alone. If luck favors, we might find both together- our conscious and a supporting pillar. The solution we get is much more effective.

Talking about my fears and how I tackled them, I would always foster, Fear of God! I fear not to harm others, do my work sincerely and honestly. Stay away from things which are against my morals and also unethical to the society. I believe in him and know most of us also do.

So kill all those doubts and worries, just think, believe and conquer your fear.


Mobile apps- Adding Convenience or Confusion



I remember the days where a long list of grocery items and it took hours to finish buying them. Recharging, movie-ticketing, transport bookings, restaurant reservations, everything was time consuming. But now all these things are at your doorstep, with a single click.


For years now, we’ve heard that mobile industry is going to explode and that “it’s the next big thing”. But it wasn’t until 2014 that mobile finally overtook desktop. This is because of a large number of mobile apps available today. Mobile apps are software applications designed to run on phones, tablets and desktops. They are available to us through different distribution platforms, which are called App stores. The popular app stores are Google Play, Apple’s App Store (iTunes) and Windows Phone Store. As of November 2015 there were some 1.8 million apps in Google Play, 1.5 million in Apple Store and 0.34 million in Windows Phone Store.


Mobile apps initially offered productivity and information retrieval tools such as calendar, e-mail, stock market and weather information.The market has rapidly expanded due to public demand and availability of developer tools. Currently, some of the most popular app categories include gaming, entertainment and education. Mobile networking apps takes the maximum share of the market, where Facebook gets the lead with 727 million monthly active mobile-only users. Another growing market is mobile retail via shopping apps. These include Amazon, Snapdeal, Myntra, Jabong and many others. Mobile messenger apps has also experienced a surge in popularity. Whatsapp has more than 900 million monthly active users, which is the cheapest alternative to SMS and group chatting.


According to a report from comScore shows for one, the percentage of time spent on a mobile app in 2015 was 86% . And 79% of smartphone users say they use apps almost everyday. 90% of the users are using their device to do research and price comparisons prior to making a purchase. According to all these stats its clear that user engagement is at the highest. Apps including utility apps, banking apps, SMS and video chatting apps are all adding convenience. As these are cost effective, saves time, user friendly and manageable.

Availability of millions of apps leaves the users in a muddling state. This is what the other side is – ‘confusion’. As mobile space is limited we cannot download every app we like, so we need to uninstall the one which is less important. The same genre companies are fighting among themselves with respect to great user experience, maximum discounts and low prices. Many companies have dissolved their working because of this rat race. This market trend is only leaving the user dissatisfied. The consumers are unable to judge, which one is the best among all.


Its clear to technology evangelists, mobile is where the demographic is. Mobile advertisements spend is slated to increase from $68 billion this year to $195 billion by 2019. The takeaway now is to make sure that website and services provided are cross-platform to get the best user-experience.


All in all, we’re still not active with the mobile devices. But all signs point to it, slowly being the preferred device for both “the consumer” and “the business”. It is now up to us to decide as how, we look at it.


Importance of Intrapreneur in an Organization

Standing Out
Image Source: http://www.brandonchia.com

An intrapreneur is the one who takes the responsibility for creating innovations and implementing them within an organization. He or she may be the inventor or creator but is always the dreamer to convert ideas into profitable reality. The ability to be an innovator who does not elaborates on the problems but solving and defining a perfect solution to it. The employee who puts the ideas and plans into actions, a process by which many new ventures are born within an existing organization.